Daily Gratitude Meditation,  Relationships


Tonight I am grateful for transitions; moments leading to new moments, curiosity, surprise, discovery…delight; exploring new worlds, turning rocks to peak underneath; doggies named Donkey and real smiles; perfect pinners, pies con piña, and planty’s a plenty.

10/9/2019 This morning I am grateful for the attempt I made yesterday, it’s there, I’m not going to delete it, I am grateful to know that I tried. I am grateful for this lifestyle, created and uniquely mine, ours. I am grateful for adaptability, responsibility, presence. This morning I am grateful for a fair and even exchange. I am grateful for acknowledgement and the opportunity to be reflected by others. I am grateful to be a human, being. Grateful I am not alone on this trip. Thank you to everyone who has shown up with humility, authenticity, and support, for the awe I experience when considering the being-ness of “regular” people. I am grateful for you all!

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