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    Tonight I am grateful for transitions; moments leading to new moments, curiosity, surprise, discovery…delight; exploring new worlds, turning rocks to peak underneath; doggies named Donkey and real smiles; perfect pinners, pies con piña, and planty’s a plenty. 10/9/2019 This morning I am grateful for the attempt I made yesterday, it’s there, I’m not going to delete it, I am grateful to know that I tried. I am grateful for this lifestyle, created and uniquely mine, ours. I am grateful for adaptability, responsibility, presence. This morning I am grateful for a fair and even exchange. I am grateful for acknowledgement and the opportunity to be reflected by others. I am grateful…

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    Unimpressive &, Ok

    Tonight I am grateful for tacos and kisses ;). I am grateful for the do not disturb settings on my phone, deleting apps, and gaining back some of my stolen time and attention. I am grateful for sleeping til whenever the F I feel like it and doing my gratitude when I feel like it too; long as it gets done, yuh! I am grateful for time and space catalyzing balance, for polarity restored and magnetism once again present. Photo-Hamza Bounaim

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    This evening I am grateful to be able to look back and read my gratefuls on this date one year ago. I am grateful for renunciation, the certain and uncertain depths of understanding, the noticeable strengthening of my will power, and the image of Manjushri held in my consciousness. I am grateful for all of the choices I have made that have led me to now, glad to finally be here.

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    Tonight I am grateful for coffee buzz, the resultant few hours of sleep, for the intense thunderstorm that woke me up this morning, and for the freshness it left behind. I am grateful for eggs benedict, watching smooth-talking in action, ho’oponopono water, and the profound impression that strong intention creates. I’m grateful to know that someone out there considers where I am to be home and for feelin’ similar feels.

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    Here We Go Again

    This morning I am grateful to be witness to a growing appreciation of things soon to be lost, grateful for my time spent here in Texas and for imminent change fast approaching. I am grateful for the turbulence of a transition, the chaotic energy contained therein, the possibilities available to a discerning eye. I am grateful to be, do, and have all that I could wish for, to know such truth, to be so free, and to be on this epic adventure in loving, expansive partnership.

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    If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

    It’s been a year since we started our life, together. We thought it was going to be easy; our values aligned so partnership was to fall naturally into place. AND it did, just not quite the way we had expected.  What we found is that it takes more than that, a lot more. It takes commitment, trust, and willingness – a willingness to be responsible for it all. Over the last twelve months we have grown, been knocked down, gotten up only to be turned inside-out and dumped on our heads. It has often been an uphill battle albeit with some breathtaking views.  Now that we have had this experience…